CFexpress (grumble-grumble)

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Re: CFexpress (grumble-grumble)

michaeladawson wrote:

rick colman wrote:

Looking at my pile of high-performance SD cards, I grumbled about spending $400 on a pair of XQD cards and reader.

Now, am I supposed to spend another $400 on CFexpress cards?

i shoot stills -

(video is a passing fad, raw video is for the truly afflicted ...)

Why do you need to spend another $400 on CFexpress cards? Did your XQD cards suddenly stop working?

If at some point in the future you find that you need more cards then that will be the time to buy new CFexpress cards. No reason to run out and buy them now just because Nikon released a new shiny toy just before Christmas.

And to add to this:  those same XQD cards that didn't suddenly stop working should also work just fine in future CFExpress cameras.

Just like how UHS-I SD cards didn't stop working when UHS-II SD cards came out.

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