With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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Re: With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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This thread is getting too long. The question is not whether Sony is better than Canon, but whether Sony is getting too expensive. Sony has already made it clear they’re not going to compete at wholesale clearance prices like Canon. Their strategy has paid off. All camera manufacturers charge too much according to the balance in my checking account! hehe

Any mention of Canon is an attack that must be defended against.


I’d like nothing better than to see Canon become more competitive with Sony’s mirrorless offerings since we’d ultimately all benefit from that.

But this price slashing strategy isn’t it.

I know I put pricing in the title, but my post was also about ways that Sony has been improved on, that Sony should respond to.

  • We are on the 4th gen A7R, and still no fully articulating screen, even though Sony IMO has the best articulating design on the 2011 A77. And why is the screen bezel so big.

a number of people have stated that they don't want a fully articulating screen.

you keep re-posting things that you want, like it represents what everyone wants, but it doesn't.

  • Canon RF adapters is better and cheaper(Free with purchase) than the Sony LA-EA3/4 adapter

there are multiple adapters for ef-mount and f-mount to e-mount, but no rf adapters for a-mount lenses... e-mount is the best platform for adapting lenses, by a huge margin.

  • Touchscreen should be improved, SONY makes phones!

many of use don't use and don't want touchscreens on these cameras.

  • Camera Connectivity to Phones should be better, Sony makes phones!

I have zero need for that, but it has been improved.

  • I also think that Sony could bump the grip up, like the Z7. And since we are on the 4th gen, maybe a style update.

you must have missed the part where sony bumped the grip up on the latest bodies.

I didn’t get the part about needing better adapters either. I shoot video only, and practically every manufacturer makes cinema lenses for E mount, but zero for L mount, RF mount and whatever Nikon’s is called. hehe

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