Instagram destroys colours

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Re: Instagram destroys colours

pixelgenius wrote:

sankos wrote:

When you upload an sRGB jpg to Instagram following their instructions (1080px on short side), the photo is converted to their in-house ICC profile called c2 (made with Little CMS). I extracted it from the jpg with ExifTool. The profile is based on sRGB:

I can't imagine why they would do that; seems utterly silly.

I agree.

However, when doing the conversion, Instagram messes up the colours. Here's a photo I uploaded:

And here's what happens when I download the file from IG:

jpeg downloaded from IG

So is the browser color managed?

Yes, I use Firefox and it's set to colour-manage all the elements. But I save the photo to disc and view it in other colour-managed software, where the same thing happens.

Does anybody have any idea why the change in colours?

Can you get access to this c2 ICC profile in and supply it somehow? Sorry I don't do Instagram. But if you could get the actual profile, could be useful to analyze.

It's embedded in the second photo (the one quoted above), just download the original size jpg and you can use ExifTool and the command

exiftool -icc_profile -b -w icc

to get the profile that way.

I wonder if converting my photos to the Instagram c2.ICC profile before uploading could prevent the change from happening. When I perform the conversion myself, the colours don't change.

Change in say Photoshop etc, OR when uploaded?

I converted to their custom profile in Lightroom and in Affinity Photo -- the colours are stable over there. But when I upload the converted file to IG and then download it back, it gets messed up somewhere along the way. IG is not really optimized for web browser -- I actually had to Google it how to upload photos from my PC to IG... They don't seem to care about maintaining web standards. So far my first attempts at using IG are underwhelming.

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