Sharpness: 5Ds vs. 5Ds R -- with amazing glass?

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Re: 5Dsr for the win... provided have a plan for any moire (also available on 5Ds)

How anyone can buy a top end camera and shoot  dumbed down, half the data wasted jpeg, amazes me . Memory is so inexpensive that to cripple your efforts in this way is beyond sense. Eight bit files are almost uneditable , so why bother. Shoot two fast cards and RAW to both, that way if  a card dies you still have RAW !.

Of course if its the inexpensive side of the now soon replaced 5DSR that excites your budget,  fine, but I would suggest that the soon to be announced 75mp mirrorless might be worth waiting for . Its sensor will be next generation with quite a lot to make the delay worth while.

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