Adorama's website hasn't been up for weeks now.

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Re: Adorama's website hasn't been up for weeks now.

Krav Maga wrote:

Arlene wrote:

Is Adorama out of business? Their website hasn't worked for weeks now.

The site is fine.

You're probably experiencing a browser cache/cookie problem. Open up a private browsing tab and see if you can navigate to the site. If you can, then that definitely indicates a cache/cookie issue. You would then want to clear your cache/cookies.

If after using a private tab you still have the problem and if using Safari, try a different browser. If after opening a private tab and you're using any browser other than Safari, and you're still having an issue, it isn't a browser issue.

At this point, start looking at your firewall/security software settings.

So it turns out, this isn't a browser issue after all......

I can't access it at work or home, but both use Comcast as an ISP so I'm not sure if it's being blocked at the ISP or something at least in my case. My work and home systems are also set up differently and on completely different networks, so it's not a firewall thing.

I can get to ADorama on my phone (which is Verizon). I've also gone to the extent of resetting my router and even going straight thru to the modem from the computer, with no luck, so I'm not sure what's going on, but I can attest that I've had issues with ADorama's site too (just tried all this last night and this morning).

I'm thinking there might be something more to the problem if more than one person is reporting it at around the same time frame.

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