Lightroom newbie question - culling for real

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Re: Lightroom newbie question - culling for real

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MisterBG wrote:

When I was using Lightroom the rule of thumb always used to be that you did all your file moving and deleting from within Lightroom.
If you moved files ouside of LR (like with your file manager) LR got confused and didn't know where your files were.
I'm really glad I'm now using an editor that doesn't rely (and insist) on having all your files in it's "Catalog" and I'm free to move and/or delete files any way I want to.

This has been one of the major things I don't like about LR. I do wish it was somehow able to 'follow' your originals around if you move them. I hope LR changes this in an update someday.

Change what. If you don't move a file using LR then just click on the ? and tell LR where you moved the files.

Yes, you have no choice, in a perfect world, I'd rather not have to do that simple step, I'd prefer an effortless version where LR follows the file's location. I think it's easy to understand the desire for easier. I'm guessing if it was optional today you wouldn't go into lightroom preferences and opt out of it now would you?

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