With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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Re: With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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This weekend, Canon put the EOS R on sale for $1500, with discounts as low as $1300. Even less using Canon's loyalty program, which Sony doesnt have. The EOS RP is only $1000.

I know these dont have dual card slots or IBIS, but they do have a better touch screen, better EVF than the A7iii, included an adapter that works like native, and a flip screen. If you are looking at current like for like prices. Also consider the RF lenses are brand new designs the FE has been around for a couple years.

  • A7iii is $1800 vs EOS R $1300 vs EOS RP $1000
  • 35mm FE=$750 vs RF=$450
  • Adapter FE=$180 vs RF=included or $100
  • 70-200 GM=$2600 vs RF=$2700
  • 24-70 GM=$2200 vs RF=$2300
  • 24-105 GM=$1100 vs RF=$900
  • 24-200 GM=$950 vs RF=$900

I love that Sony advances the sensors so quickly, but things like a flip screen and a better adapter should have been done by now. And now it looks like Sony needs to adjust their prices.

It’s nice that you want to give Canon a boost here, but personally I’ve never missed a full touch screen menu, my A9’s EVF is excellent and my screen flips just fine for my purposes.

Why on earth would I go back to Canon who are still playing catch-up with mirrorless technologies and offerings that are still lagging far behind Sony’s and quite likely to be abandoned later just as Betamax and Divx have since died from a similar lack of consumer support?

On the basis of a few sales discounts is what you are suggesting? Sorry but that’s just ridiculous.

So I should sell my current gear and move back for a better EVF and a touch screen? I think not.

There are times when having the greatest and latest techs isn't the end all be all. Some people find certain aspects of other cameras to be more important to them than having the latest techs which they don't make use of.

Yes. There’s a lot of folks who must own the latest camera gear regardless. They sell their (often barely used) current camera and then upgrade to the latest model as soon as it’s launched.

Go figure.

But for my own shooting my current A9 is simply unbeatable, and it’s amazing capabilities make a massive difference in capturing images that other cameras would simply miss altogether.

And I’m now mystified as to how I survived all these years without silent blackout free shooting at 20fps.

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