Sharpness: 5Ds vs. 5Ds R -- with amazing glass?

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Re: 5Dsr for the win... provided have a plan for any moire (also available on 5Ds)

I hope you have a ton of fun with it....

Some things I do and general thoughts, in case helpful:

(1) Use the Fine Detail Picture Style instead of standard. The sharpening uses a better quality algorithm.

(2) As I use Back-Button Focusing I actually have two buttons programmed for AF so I can instantly change AF settings and tracking recipes.
(Although I now use pinpoint AF on * for getting Birds amongst tree branches.)

(3) Have a W-E1 card in the SD slot (separate purchase) so it can be controlled from a phone. BTW my iPhone will handle 50MP images.

(4) Use a CF card that scores over 100MB/s here:
(Images are big and card speed is your friend when the buffer is full.)

(5) You'll still get rare moire, if you are getting a Raw tool to work with it consider one that is good with moire (hint - not DXO, although DXO is good otherwise).

(6) I shoot Raw and a Large/Medium JPEG, as the quality difference to Large/Fine in the JPEG isn't really noticeable and the size-saving worthwhile (plus you have a Raw if there is ever an issue). I find I get an average of 76MB/shot, although it will be a little less on a 5Ds (not enough to matter). I'd get at least a 64GB card though.

(7) The video is only FHD (1080p) but if you use the Neutral profile (or the Technicolor CineStyle profile in a Custom Slot, but will need post-processing with their LUT - can be done in Photoshop BTW) it's very clean.

(8) Live-view still shooting is a pain due to long blackout times with single shots, but it does take the image at the start of the blackout.

(9) If you use the crop modes it only crops the JPEG, there is no option to crop the Raw so you don't gain much buffer-wise.

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