How is the Sigma 10-20mm?

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Re: How is the Sigma 10-20mm?

I'm glad others have had such good results with their copies. My copy pretty much sucked at infinity shot horizontally with none of the edges ever becoming sharp at any focal length or aperture, though part of that I think was due to extreme field curvature and not necessarily a lack of sharpness because indoors the edges were decent. Conversely, shot vertically (for landscapes) the edge field curvature actually helps make the foreground sharper.

The color though is beautiful and the fixed aperture and ability to accept filters is useful. But you should consider it an indoors lens that's not good for infinity shots (until you've tested it and found otherwise).

I now own the 8-16 and the corners are much sharper and so better for landscapes, but it has to be stopped down to at least f8.

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