Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Only thing I would add to your wish list is an upgrade to the 800mm or possibly an 800/600 DO

Yes, a 600 DO does sound good.

Or how about upgrading the 400 f5.6 ? I'm sure many would welcome that.

I think the 400 5.6 is already perfect optically. IS could be welcome. But when they added IS to the 300 f/4 L the image quality became downright AWFUL because of the addition of the IS optical elements. When i say " awful" i mean in comparison to the 300 f/4L non IS

The technology has greatly improved since then. Modern IS teles can be superb.

You are right about that, but I was thinking about the market position of a new 400/5.6.

Small, lightweight, rugged, weather sealed with very good IQ. Easy to carry and easy to handhold. I would sell my 100-400 II immediately for a lens like this without IS.

For moving birds IS isn't doing anything other than stabilizing the viewfinder as the shutter speed is far below the sampling frequency. With perched birds I'm stabilizing the camera as much as possible. For instance, kneeling with your elbow resting on the knee helps a lot. Small birds always move a bit so you need a fast shutter speed anyway.

Ok, at sunrise and sunset IS does a good job in getting record shots, I've acceptable results shooting fast flying Woodcocks and Nighthawks at 1/50 sec when it's almost dark. However, they are record shots at most.

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