Going from Mojave/Lightroom 6 to Catalina/Lightroom Clasic

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Re: Going from Mojave/Lightroom 6 to Catalina/Lightroom Clasic

To follow up on my transition from a 15” MacBook Pro running Mojave with Lightroom 6 and Photoshop 6 to the new 16” MBP running Catalina and upgrading to Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop 2020. As I had planned to do, I uninstalled Lightroom and Photoshop 6 while still with Mojave to take advantage of the 32 bit run Adobe Application Manager, then ungraded the 15” MBP to Catalina. I then subscribed to and downloaded Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop 2020. After that, I made two copies of Time Machine updates of the 15” MBP with Catalina in preparation to migrate all data to new MBP.

All went pretty well, although for some reason unknown to me, the Apple Migration Assistant kept leading me to opening a new iCloud account and rename my new computer, make a new user name and password instead of just letting it be a clone of the old one. I’ve use the Migration Assistant with Time Machine quite a few times in the past and that never happened. Must be the new and improved Catalina.

For those who have already purchased the new 16” MBP or for those who are considering it, if you use Lightroom Classic CC, there is a bit of a bug that I’ve come across. The MBP comes standard with the AMB Radeon Pro 5500 Graphics card but unless you disable Automatic graphics switching located in System Preferences under Energy Saver - Battery, when you use Lightroom Classic CC only the built in Intel UHD Graphics 630 card will be operating. Performance will be much slower. Also, under Lightroom Preferences > Performance >Use Graphic Processor CUSTOM should be selected and “Use GPU for image processing” should be checked along with AMD radeon Pro 5500 box should be checked.

I’ve tested this out many times and this is the only configuration that allows the high performance GPU to work. Don’t know if this particular to my machine, a software bug or what. I informed Apple about it and they were very interested as to what is causing this behavior. I spent 2 hours with a senior advisor and he is taking it to the software engineers. He will call me back tomorrow with more info. But for now this is the best work-around and with the high performance GPU the new 16” MBP screams in Lightroom. BTW, Photoshop commands use of the high performance GPU at startup.


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