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Re: Sell custom photography things? No, open source the designs....

ProfHankD wrote:

fferreres wrote:

Have you ever thought of creating a small start up to do things that cater to manual/vintage shooters or those tinkering with optics?

Yes, often. Especially for 3D-printed custom adapters.

Two issues:

  • I'm too busy with other things or, equivalently, I don't need the money badly enough. Perhaps if/when I retire? Then again, I'm a tenured Professor with an endowed chair... I pretty much do what I want to do now and get paid for that.

How can anything beat that?

  • I have deep concerns that people will have unreasonable expectations, especially for 3D-printed parts, no matter what the official ad and user manual say. For example, the folks complaining about things like "play" in the TechArt Pro LM-EA7 are way off base in precisely this way; I have two of these adapters, and I'm quite certain the adapter is perfectly solid unless seriously abused. Even if it would only be 1 in 100 customers, I don't want to be dealing with inappropriate complaints/returns.

If you regard "buyers" as some kind of random process resulting in a distribution, then returns and complains are not much different that building to certain spec and having some outliers that are discarded by QA. he cost gets factored into the final price.

Before TechArt came out with the LM-EA7 I almost started a company to make something with similar functionality, but I backed away from that because Sony wouldn't give me E-mount specs and I didn't want to build a company based on a reverse-engineered interface. Cool that TechArt was willing to take that risk with their design.

Anyway, like I said, I'm a professor, so I usually put the designs for everything out for free on Thingiverse or detailed build instructions on Instructables .

Thanks for commenting on the question. It's a pleasure to have you in this board and read your posts and very valuable suggestions.

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