Optimal aperture position?

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Sell custom photography things? No, open source the designs....

fferreres wrote:

Have you ever thought of creating a small start up to do things that cater to manual/vintage shooters or those tinkering with optics?

Yes, often. Especially for 3D-printed custom adapters.

Two issues:

  • I'm too busy with other things or, equivalently, I don't need the money badly enough.  Perhaps if/when I retire? Then again, I'm a tenured Professor with an endowed chair... I pretty much do what I want to do now and get paid for that.
  • I have deep concerns that people will have unreasonable expectations, especially for 3D-printed parts, no matter what the official ad and user manual say. For example, the folks complaining about things like "play" in the TechArt Pro LM-EA7 are way off base in precisely this way; I have two of these adapters, and I'm quite certain the adapter is perfectly solid unless seriously abused. Even if it would only be 1 in 100 customers, I don't want to be dealing with inappropriate complaints/returns.

Before TechArt came out with the LM-EA7 I almost started a company to make something with similar functionality, but I backed away from that because Sony wouldn't give me E-mount specs and I didn't want to build a company based on a reverse-engineered interface. Cool that TechArt was willing to take that risk with their design.

Anyway, like I said, I'm a professor, so I usually put the designs for everything out for free on Thingiverse or detailed build instructions on Instructables .

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