Lightroom newbie question - culling for real

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Re: Lightroom newbie question - culling for real

malcolmbebb wrote:

Found the Reject and Pick options, OK with stars and colours and recognise that I need to choose a scheme for allocating them (but not yet).
So at present I can't see the file name anywhere unless I select the Info tab, which slows things down. And I can't find some of the views mentioned, haven't found Develop mode but I can access all the light and colour tools that I'd expect.
The Preferences seem pretty skinny, too - I'd expect a lot more.

On the desk top, for workflow learning a handful of keyboard short cuts is extremely valuable.

If you load 500 new images, an easy workflow is to cull by star rating or flagging, but not by right-clicking, that's way too time consuming. You can set star ratings by simply using the keyboard numbers 1-5.

A very easy way to start(you can get more sophisticated after you learn to crawl) is where it says filters just above your image timeline click on the less than symbol, with no stars selected,

then click on turn custom filter on.

Anytime you give an image a star rating it will disappear from your timeline bar, the idea is to cull what you want to delete fast by rating, say a 1 to delete. When you rate an image a 1 it will disappear from your timeline, cleaning up what images you have left to deal with. It hasn't deleted them, just removed them from view, the only ones that will stay are non-rated.

You can cull all the big duds fast, rate them a 1 and keep going, after you go through them all, click on that less than sign again and change it to 'equal to' and then click on 1 of the stars, the only thing that will show up now are all the images you rated a 1. Now highlight them all at the same time and delete them all at the same time.

There are multiple ways to do the above, you can do it with flags, colors etc but the idea is to do it fast and avoid right clicking and choosing menu items each time you want to cull an image. Get started with key-board short cuts as soon as possible.

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