With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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tqlla wrote:

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tqlla wrote:

Sony is making profit.

They have stated that cheap lenses is better left to others (low price, low profit).

What is good about Sony making money is that we have a more future proof system as there is profit for research and development of new products. And Sony have offered quite a few outstanding (not cheap) products since entering the camera game.

If you want cheap Sony is NOT for you.

And I get that some of Canon's MSRP lens prices are similar to Sony's. But history shows that Canon's lens prices get good discounts often.

They have to.

Sony lenses prices dont travel far from MSRP.

Only an idiot would discount something selling well.

Just now Canon struggle and makes little money. That might change (hope so).

Research and development of new products is no free lunch. Cut profit and the camera world will retreat to something like the steady state of DSLRs before Sony entered the camera game - essensially the same products over and over again. Little innovation and only incremental improvements.

That is what we get if we are not willing to pay for what we want. Basic economy.

I know most are concentrating on costs. But the 4th Gen A7R and the A9ii doesnt have a flip screen.

They have. But not a fully articulating screen. Had one on my prior Canon camera and found it awful - but then I am a fan of the one axis thinking of Sony.

The adapter (LAEA3) is more expensive and not as good as the Canon rf adapter.

Two different adapters. One for A-mount lenses (some with restrictions inherent in the minolta design) and the other is for Canon lenses. Guess the one with the correct mount is the better one...

Touchscreen not as good. The A7iii cut corners on the screen/evf and raised price.

They did.

And not that anyone is doing it well, but phone connectivity is not very good. All I would even want is automatic jpg upload to a phone while I am taking pictures.

That is another one. There is also some murky things in the shadow area of under exposed Sony image files, just to mention another less favourable thing about Sony.

My point however is that Sony has pushed camera technology (and the image sensor is part of that) much harder than any of the traditional makers ever did...

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