Sharpness: 5Ds vs. 5Ds R -- with amazing glass?

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Re: Two identical cameras as regards resolution

ffabrici wrote:

I read all comparisons of the two before i bought the 5DsR, and the decision was difficult because there is basically no real difference in resolution. If you are in doubt buy the 5Ds and do a little sharpening and you have exactly the same results as you get from the 5DsR.

I use high res lenses like 20ART, 35L II, 135ART, 200L f/2, 300L II and 800L and I have so far only seen visible moire in some fabric and bird feathers, but I have seen examples on the web with 5DsR moire on far buildings with repetitive patterns as well.

I don't have either, but if I were to have one, I'd have the 5Ds because I am very sensitive to aliasing, and would prefer not to have it when optics are very sharp.  However, when optics are not sharpest, but more borderline, the 5Dsr could be the better choice.  For example, you have an f/6.3 zoom that doesn't get to the sweet spot until f/9 - the 5Ds is unnecessary for such a lens.  With a lens that is diffraction-limited at f/4 or f/2.8, then you are going to have a higher chance of visible aliasing with the 5Dsr.

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