Optimal aperture position?

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Film apodizers

fferreres wrote:

Alan WF wrote:

Also, see this digital-to-film example:




Great article, has an estimate of diameters for a variety of lenses. I had read this a month ago then forgot completely (well, not completely apparently). I like the results he shows...although film is not as good as an coated neutral looking glass. Also, I did not understand at first much, since I never used film (too young to remember)...but easy to just send Hank file or several other profiles. May have to account for how big it would look, and maybe could do larger than 35mm slide.




The all small houses, cost starting at $1.5 per slide or so. Could easily do 20 shapes for $30 to $50.

Now you're just being a wimp.

Seriously, the various houses that do that stuff do not do B&W the way you'd want to... so you'll probably want to do color slides so that the clear portion is clearer. (It takes somewhat unusual processing to get really crisp low and high density on a B&W negative.) Just keep in mind that "black" color slides are clear in NIR, so you're basically boosting NIR relative to visible light and things like purple fringing will be correspondingly worse....

Not sure if anyone has any experience from any shop turning digital images to slides. I surely never did it.

Not recently. When I did, they were way below my standards. Then again, keep in mind I used to get paid for doing commercial photography and I use film solely for technical work now... so my standards are pretty high. It's a lot easier to beat the standard of "better than inkjet/laser printed."

Just keep in mind that it only costs about $10 to get a good film camera on eBay, so you could shoot stuff yourself and send the color slides out for processing. Buy a 6x6 and shoot 120 film to make larger masks.

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