Found the fun in shooting again with D750, mirrorless is not (yet) for everyone

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Re: Found the fun in shooting again with D750, mirrorless is not (yet) for everyone

I was switching away from canon a few months ago (as I wanted dual card slots and nothing I could afford had it on the canon side). I needed to replace my two 6d cameras. I watched a lot of videos and one youtube channel was really pushing the Fuji xt-3 and saying that it was "comparable/close enough" to the d750 when it came to performance and offered a smaller package.

I bit and tried the xt-3. Well had I not touched the d750 I would have thought they are similar. Well they are not.

The D750 viewfinder is a joy to use. I could not stand the EVF of the xt-3 and the way it was like watching tv instead of what I am accustomed to with a regular mirror camera. The image noise on the d750 was much less in my opinion at similar iso (as fuji also fluffs numbers/specs I think). The autofocus in low light was not at all similar. The d750 can focus in "almost" total darkness of venues. The build quality of the xt-3 was good but it still felt like a toy in my hands as I have bigger hands and need a solid (bigger) purchase on the grip. I know I could add a grip to the xt-3 but that defeats the purpose of going with that system IMHO. I could not see the benefit in staying with the xt-3 and purchased two d750 cameras and am extremely happy with them. The d750 feels like a solid machine and I wanted to get it before the replacement came out as I feel the replacement will be almost double the price. At $1000, the d750 is a fantastic deal and I cant think of anything that can perform like it, has dual card slots and the same lens selection at this price point.

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