Sharpness: 5Ds vs. 5Ds R -- with amazing glass?

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Re: 5Dsr for the win... provided have a plan for any moire (also available on 5Ds)

icor1031 wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

You can get about 10% more true detail from a 5Dsr with a great lens, and some more moire when that is available... (although with great glass moire is available with both cameras) - a good choice of Raw processing software can help there...

See Figure 7 here:
Note up to 0.5 on the horizontal scale all the volume the 5Dsr trace is above the 5Ds is extra detail, above 0.5 it's the potential for extra aliasing. Although for a range of (not large in extent) detail I'd rather have some aliasing fuzz to show something is there over just blurring the detail out, not so true of moire though...

Your lens rental link shows the Otus as getting only about 20% more detail with the 5Ds than with the 5D 3... It's 22mp vs 50mp. And from what I saw on DXOMARK, the Otus should resolve 40mp on the 5Ds R, which is almost double what the 5D 3's sensor is even capable of.

What's going on with this? If I'm only going to gain 20% or so, then I'm not going to upgrade. My 6D has Magic Lantern and an EF-S Screen... Those are very helpful. I want nearly double the detail if I'm going to upgrade.

I don't get the Otus result, but remember the eye tends to see detail from linear resolution, rather than area, and of which the 5Dsr has 50% more than the 5D3. This is in line with the Canon 300 f/2.8 IS II results, which is a very very sharp lens.

Also you don't tend to perceive resolution differences until you get to 15% more.

This is with a £150 lens on a 5Dsr...

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