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I've mostly had good luck with legacy glass, but my total write off was a Pentax 75-150/4 zoom. (I chose to adapt one before Fuji announced their 55-200. ) Supposed to be a small, affordable, constant aperture hidden gem, etc, etc.  When I finally got  what I thought was a decent copy, someone had serviced it and reassembled it incorrectly. Uneconomic to freight back to the UK or have reassembled here in Oz. Written off and left with my repairman for parts.  I bought another one - that had some other fault that I've forgotten.  Replaced and out-classed by the Fuji XF 55-200 that was released soon after.

To add to that list - an entire genre of duds - legacy consumer grade 300mm lenses without ED/L or Apo glass.  Not sharp enough and/or just too many CAs to bother.

There is one lens I find frustrating only because they're impossible to find - rarer than unicorns - the Konica AR 300/6.3 Fluorite. A non-reflex prime weighing  only 580g and supposedly very good. I've seen three worldwide in ten years...... One in Japan for crazy money, another that I was outbid on, and one that unbelievably came into a friendly local store.  Someone had had their name down for one on the store's used want list for twenty years...... And still wanted it!

Cheers, Rod

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