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Lenses which have caused me problems, frustrations or haven't lived up to expectations:

- Rollei Zeiss 25 2.8 early version. Two samples were basically mush in all situations. A later version was better, but not outstanding (the current Loxia 25 is what I wanted all along).

Maybe the Rollei version was much worse than the C/Y? I'd agree just looking at the specs the Loxia is another league. But I've seen nice imagery with 2.8/25 C/Y. Some samples from Peire are always a pleasure to look at:

My worst Zeiss lens ever.

Don't want to image the the best, or ever be lent the best. I am sure you not only have the best, but best copies of the best. At some point, you are going to have to maybe consider sharing some sample pics. Maybe next year?

The 25 2.8's optics were updated around 1984. In the CY version, the changes were implemented at that time. I'm less sure of the Rollei version timetable, but it certainly fits what I described as "early" (1-pin, made in Germany) and "later" ("Voigtländer", made in Singapore) versions.

Probably sucks then. I really never tested mine, which will most likely have weak corners.

The later version wasn't bad, had nice colors & contrast, but stayed pretty soft in the corners (my Zeiss Jena Flektogon 25 4.0 was actually sharper in the corners).

Adding to the nemesis content, the 25 2.8 notoriously had an effective FL close to 27mm.

I didn't know that. Then, like a bad C/Y 2.8/28mm (pretty much loved lens).

Also ... so damn hard to fix or even CLA.

On the plus side, it's apparently distortion-free and has very low vignetting (didn't use it enough to really notice).

A very good review site for CY lenses (in Italian):

Their descriptions fit my experience pretty well.

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