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Re: The EF Mount Elephant?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

UTom Caldwell wrote:

Strange that no one has mentioned the EF mount - or am I missing something?

yes, you missed that the OP said “I also read about Canon to MFT AF adapters but other than those two, are there more?”


Mmm - I admit to being dense but “those two” - which “those”? There are more than “two” ...

One might have set up some sort of benchmark on “those” to work as a reference set.

In any case EF->whatever adapters must be the reference by which others must be judged as arguably the first and best fleshed out of all electronic adapters - no serious discussion can surely be had without an established standard of compatibility and performance that provides a basis for comparison.

The OP specifically asked for info on adapters other than those for 4/3 and EF lenses.

”those two” being the 4/3 and EF types.

To paraphrase the OP:  “I know about the adapters for 4/3 lenses, and those for EF lenses, but other than those two . . .”


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