Optimal aperture position?

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Re: Side-by-side images with laser-printed apodizer

Alan WF wrote:

Excellent examples.

Yes, but fairly extreme examples.

I just gave up on the laser transparency. I definitely won't like the "hazed" blurry outcome.

It might be more acceptable on other scenes. It would cost you almost nothing to try it. Come on, make it a holiday DIY project and get the scissors and tape out like you were back in primary school again!

There must be something better, more like a ND filter that varies towards the center. I know that's what an apodizing filter does, but man, really $300 for one filter is a lot.

Use laser prints on transparencies to get the geometry, then try film, as Hank has suggested. Develop it at home for more DIY fun.



I may try the labels then, but not sure where to adhere them too. As Hank guesses they may be better as these may be agreed to Windows. I only worry about the effect of glue

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