Lightroom newbie question - culling for real

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Re: Lightroom newbie question - culling for real

malcolmbebb wrote:

Zeee wrote:

I think you installed Lightroom. That is the mobile that moves your files to the cloud. It does not have all the features. Is that the one you want to use?

Lightroom Classic is the full blown desktop application. You have to store flies locally with an option to sync to the cloud, if you choose to do so. If you do it only sends smart previews that do not use any cloud storage space.

Sorry I should have asked. I assumed you were trying out LR Classic. I don't know much about about cloud storage but you can get easily them down again. Someone else will come in to help out there. I don't something to go wrong.

After you are done delete the Lightroom App and install Lightroom Classic.

That would explain it - it is on a PC, I just accepted what was offered, but I was wondering about the references I've seen to Classic and CC.

Yes, it's saying a lot about cloud stuff and having synced. I ignored that for the time being, since the evaluation period is only a week and I can't get to play with it every day.

Been trying various tools and so far LR - even this version - has pretty much aligned with how I like to work. My changes are mostly general, WB, exposure, shadows/highlights, crop/straighten etc and I've been pretty much at home with those.

I'd been using the Windows Photos app a lot - surprisingly capable - but it doesn't support all my raw formats nor do a bunch of other stuff I've learnt to want!

Thanks again - I might have paid for the wrong version and ended up wondering why I couldn't do half the stuff!

Running LR and LR Classic is not recommended by Adobe. People have workarounds. To sum it up both want to be the boss.

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