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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I almost didn't create this thread as I was not sure what I was asking, so how then would anyone be able to help me solve a problem if I can't clearly define what the problem was? However the forum members have been excellent - so thank you.


I go to Hong Kong next week, and will have a couple of small hikes there. These look to be super easy with no risk of getting lost, short distance and good weather. Distance is between 4 - 8 miles it seems.

Planned Equipment:

  1. Fuji X-T30
  2. 14-45 kit lens
  3. 100mm Nikon series E adapted (for city-scape)
  4. Think Tank Retrospective 5 bag
  5. Battery bank + spare camera battery
  6. Maybe the gorilla pod & head (camera grip is arca swiss compatible)
  7. Blower & small cloth

The 35mm F1.4 comes with a UV or Skylight filter and now lens cap when I bought it used I'll bring that but keep for the evenings. I don't care much for the 15-45mm - that wont get ill treated but wont get any special care either.

Clothes in Hong Kong as going to be close to normal tourist clothes as I don't have specialist kit - so trainers (sneakers?), shorts, cotton(!!) T-shirt etc. No space in the case to bring the big boots and expect it will be sure underfoot.

There will be enough room in the Think Tank to carry water and a uniqlo light down jacket and packable wind breaker.

I ]]]]]]]]]]]

Putting the brakes on

Early on in the thread, I was in full on GAS mode - ready to buy a backpack, stuff sacks, merino base layers, peak design clips, 3 layer rain jacket etc. However some reflection and watching outdoor videos made me rethink the bag first, then everything else.

For my short walks, the Think Tank is fine - I have walked around cities all do with it. At my basic level of hiking, it will do for now until I discover what I need and like to carry. Once I work that out, I can start adding kit and eventually a suitable backpack / jacket.

Merino base layers are on the wish-list anyway but since clothes last so long, I want to take a bit longer to find something I like.

I realised watching the 1st video below, that I actually might just be in love with the idea of hiking based on a few good walks but might not actually be that into it. In the video, the lady struggles getting slightly disorientated. It reminded me that on some parts of hikes, everything is not always beautiful and can be a bit of a grind with zero reward if clouds roll in when you make it to your view point. I'm not sure how I will feel about something like that.
Map reading - on the to-do list. Mostly well marked paths for now / circular short walks
Photography. Being out of my comfort zone, I accept that I will just have to take lots of pictures until I get the habit established - so intending more a learning experience rather than hoping to come away with something worth printing.

Videos that inspire me on this quest:
( watched lots of photo ones too but thought you all probably have seen those)
As you all know, once you start watching on youtube, it suggest more things and you can en dyp going down bit of warren hole.

Ben Nevis (England)

Scottish Munros (way too advanced for me, I'll be starting a lot easier)

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