Canon 85mm f1.2 vs f1.4 ef Mount

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Re: Canon 85mm f1.2 vs f1.4 ef Mount

Again. I always say this. But we need more words for describing lenses. "sharpness" doesnt cut it. Theres many more ways to evaluate the level of details in a photograph taken with a given lens than just one persons opinion.. usually their opinion is confirmation bias based on the algorithm of an MTF chart. MTF charts are bad an incomplete science in my opinion.

We need to understand the algorithm in which a computer evaluates pass or fail. Also not to mention. Lenses perform differently with different color subjects and lighting levels.

The 85 1.2 L II is the best 85 in all of existence aside from the Zeiss Planar 85 1.4 maybe. Though I still prefer the look of the 85 1.2L II

It's been a while since i compared these two lenses, though when i did, I was extensive in my comparisons and samples.

The 84 1.4 whatever detail it does show, is much lower contrast and muddy looking compared to the af 1.2 imo. especially in the center  the 85 1.2 kills it at any aperture.

The 84 1.4 might be better for hand held landscapes stopped down because of IS and it has more resolution beyond the rule of thirds at the sides of the frame.

There is more transmission of color and tonal variation with the 85 1.2L II. The 85 1.2L version 1 is largely the same as this however it has some slightly inferior coating and autofocus.

I use my 85 1.2 L II for sports. On the 1DXII it sends more juice to the AF motor compared to my 5DIV. This 85 along with most of the super telephotos is one of the only canon lenses that actually physically drives the motor faster when attached to the 1DXII or other 1 series bodies. Even on my EOS 1V's ( film bodies) This lens gets a boost in AF speed. And as long as your not trying to jump from the minimum focus distance all the way to far out close to infinity, than the lens AF accuracy makes up for its lack of psychical snappiness. It's extremely accurate autofocusing

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