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Re: One of the best 100/2.8 low cost lens

John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

Back on topic, I had an E 100/2.8 for a while (in the modern era). It was OK but I didn't use it much, at that focal length I much prefer my Tamron Adaptall 90/2.5 lenses.

In another thread we were talking about how there are so many good lenses in this focal range.

For anyone who has got this far, this is a link to the Nikon EM and the stuff that went with it, including the E lenses.

One thing I like about the E 100 is it's rendering of detail, color vs bokeh. Seems a nice recompute of simple Ernostar design with good coatings (relative to the original 1916 uncoated).

How it renders and transitions OOF to me makes the scene gain a sense of depth and lush detail and great tone rendering, a rather subjective/personal observation which amkes me like these so much.

Can it compete with a Batis? No. Will it be sharper than the more expensive versions? No. Another 100mm I gained interest recently is the 2/100 nFD. It has a design still quite traditional Ernostar but with another element before the aperture, and an air transition. This is to make it stretch to f2, but I am seeing a similar rendering profile than all these Ernostars.

I wish the E 2.8/100, which has not other version of the optical scheme, or even one closely matching that I know of, would have had a more solid, lasting build.

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