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Canon RF 50/1.8 S (LTM)

These are beautiful little lenses and relatively cheap. They are all listed for sale with “some haze” - simply because they all seem to suffer from haze.

The good news is that like their more expensive cousins 50/1.4 and 50/1.2 they are easy to work on.

The bad news is that the haze is always on the surface next to the aperture on the lens immediately behind it. And it is etched into the glass and cannot be cleaned off. It took me three purchases to get one that was “not too bad” and I gave up. The worst one was completely hazed edge to edge and almost opaque. Soft focus de jour.

What causes this I don’t know - it might be that gassed off lubricant from the aperture falls on the lens surface and condenses on it and must destroy a soft coating or soft glass. This may have been because they have been stored off camera object lens up for years.

The “cousins” mentioned can also get some haze but it seems (so far) easy to clean off and leaves no permanent damage (harder glass used?) which leaves the 50/1.4 an excellent lens and good value and the 50/1.8 a nice cheapish lens if you can find one without any haze at all. (Good luck)  

I should also mention that the Canon FL 50/1.4 seems to be prone to (dry) sticking/slow apertures, but this is an easy fix. The Revuenon 50/1.4 on the other hand seems to have an inexhaustible supply of internal oil that becomes glue of the aperture blades no matter how often you clean them.

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