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Re: One of the best 100/2.8 low cost lens

That's interesting, thanks. It made me go and look at Nikon film SLR timelines, in particular when the EM was launched, in relation to the F3. Not very far apart - slightly to my surprise, the EM was launched in 1979 and the F3 a year later.

I wasn't died in the wool Nikon then, my first was a second hand FG20 bought in the mid 1980s (again to my surprise, it wasn't launched until 1984, so it wouldn't have done much work for its previous owner). I don't think it came with a lens, but I really can't remember - I do remember buying non OEM lenses to use with it, but zooms not primes. In the mid 1980s, of course AF was the big new thing and it wasn't long before I bought an F501, again pre-owned.

But back to the Nikon Series E lenses - which were never granted the "Nikkor" status - and how they compare optically to the contemporary Nikkors. I suppose I coulddo a comparison - a few years ago I did a swap with a close friend, his F3 plus lenses (including a 50mm f/2) for an ultra wide Sigma 10-20 in Nikon F mount (he still thinks he got the better deal ) and I also have a Series E 50/1.8 that I got from ebay a decade or more ago.

I'm not going to, though - the Series E 50 seems to have developed arthritis in its old age, the focus seizes up if I don't use it for more than a couple of days. A bit of serious twisting frees it up enough to make it useable, but it isn't a lot of fun anymore. On the other hand, the Nikkor 50/2 still focusses as silkily smoothly as I believe it always did.

Back on topic, I had an E 100/2.8 for a while (in the modern era). It was OK but I didn't use it much, at that focal length I much prefer my Tamron Adaptall 90/2.5 lenses.

For anyone who has got this far, this is a link to the Nikon EM and the stuff that went with it, including the E lenses.

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