What focal length for the most realistic pictures?

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Re: More than just the focal length.

Entropy512 wrote:

Atypical optical structures not normally present in most camera lenses are required for realism.

In my opinion reality is needed for realism.

Photographs can be interpreted as more or less realistic despite beeing only a representation of the real thing.

My question: do photographic realism require camera lenses with those structures normally not present in most camera lenses to produce "realistic" images?

Vision should work the same way wether looking at reality or at images.

Just curious.

Exact nature of these optical structures is highly variable. In my case, the required optics can no longer be purchased. https://www.zennioptical.com/p/rimless-flexible-memory-titanium/2164?skuId=216411 appears to be structurally similar to what is required to achieve maximum realism.

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