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David1961 wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

I find myself sometimes giving "votes of 0.5 to good challenge entries" for various reasons. I often find some of those I gave low votes to ending up higher than expected and vice versa. That's sort of the point of voting: it's supposed to average out personal leanings. If people are not allowed to vote according to their personal whims, it sort of defeats having an open vote rather than an expert jury.

I am fine with people giving one personal vote of 0.5 to good challenge entries. But it has to be one vote per person. That does not protect against mobbing, but if the typical mob size is 1, it may be a comparatively small problem. And at least political pictures (which are most likely to draw spontaneous mobs) are not welcome.

I can't think of a valid reason to give a good image 0.5 stars unless the aim is to attempt to manipulate the voting.

Opinions of what is a "good" image may very well differ.  In particular with regard to weighing objective quality of execution with approval of subjective artistic choices.

In any case you have left yourself wide open to people also giving you 0.5 if you happen to submit a "good" photo

Voting is supposed to be anonymous.  One has to go to some effort to identify the source of images (unless there are fat watermarks in an image).  It's of course possible by viewing the original image and then digging into the EXIF.  But I consider people going to such measures as a lost cause anyway.  One can only hope that they make up enough of a minority not to tip the scales.

If someone votes consistently low for images that choose subjects and deliver execution like I do: well, that's one of the consequence of having voting.  The main defense mechanism is that most people won't do that.  And we don't really have the political propaganda machines that would try to vilify a certain style in order to shift the long-term balances.

I can live with 1 person, 1 vote.  I am not exactly drenched in popularity so I am indeed glad for the mechanisms putting up a certain threshold to breaking the anonymity of entries.  But if people want to go to efforts to breach that, they will be successful.

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