Lumix S cameras - shutter count

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Re: I figured it out for the S1R


Hopefully my past experience will save some of you some grief and money. I also wanted to access the shutter count on a GH5S. The procedure is very similar. It wasn’t clear how to properly exit this mode, but eventually I got back to the normal operating mode. A few days later I noticed that photos weren’t being exposed quite right, and the color seemed a bit off. Checking, WB was definitely “off”. The camera went to service. I got a phone call explaining that the “error log” showed that I had been in one of the Service modes. Exiting it improperly caused most of the calibration data to be erased.

The let me speak to the tech who explained that once you enter the service mode the alignment data needs to be downloaded. Once the necessary tasks are done in that mode, your camera's data needs to be reloaded.

The realignment was not covered under warranty, and it cost me $167. I learned my lesson – stay out of where you don’t belong!

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