With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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Supply and demand

tqlla wrote:

This weekend, Canon put the EOS R on sale for $1500, with discounts as low as $1300. Even less using Canon's loyalty program, which Sony doesnt have.

Yup. And the a7iii is $1800 or as low as a little over 1500 with edu or other discounts.

The EOS RP is only $1000.

And the a7ii is 900. The a7rii is 1300

I know these dont have dual card slots or IBIS, but they do have a better touch screen, better EVF than the A7iii, included an adapter that works like native, and a flip screen. If you are looking at current like for like prices.

It's a "competitive" product without going into the whole breakdown. To me where they want wrong was releasing it at too high a price compared to the competition

Also consider the RF lenses are brand new designs the FE has been around for a couple years.

  • A7iii is $1800 vs EOS R $1300 vs EOS RP $1000

My only problem with this figure is that you are using the current sale price of the R plus hidden discounts. Sony has EDU and cash back deals but no loyalty program .

  • 35mm FE=$750 vs RF=$450
  • Adapter FE=$180 vs RF=included or $100
  • 70-200 GM=$2600 vs RF=$2700
  • 24-70 GM=$2200 vs RF=$2300
  • 24-105 GM=$1100 vs RF=$900
  • 24-200 GM=$950 vs RF=$900

Sounds about right. For all the talk of "overpriced" lenses it seems the competition is largely pricing lenses similar to Sony and now that Sony has gained traction it has a lot of third party native lenses that have joined the ranks. Some even prioritized for r the mount. Like the Tamron 28-75

I love that Sony advances the sensors so quickly, but things like a flip screen and a better adapter should have been done by now.

You won't ever see a better adapted from Sony. They are getting to a point in their cycle where the adapter is less of a priority. They want you to buy their lenses.

Like before. I won't even bother with a "defense" of the a7xx line. Everyone knows their are advantages and disadvantages

And now it looks like Sony needs to adjust their prices.

Meh. I think the people at these organizations know more about business than we do. I am curious how long these firesale prices will last. I think I saw RP bundles with the superzoom for $1300. That's insane given the age and original MSRP of those items. It will definitely put some pressure on Sony if those prices continue.

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