Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 FX equivalent

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Re: there's not one

The OP was after a fast sharp lens, this is the Sigma 24-35mm f/2, no?????

As for this focal length not being close - To me 27-53 is close enough to 24-35mm.... For someone who only sees numbers aparently, id seem crazy,.....least I can think.....

I think the focal length range is close.  There is a difference between 24mm and 27mm, and also between 35mm and 53mm, which is why my first response was that there isn't anything totally equal in the full frame world.

If the OP was after a fast lens then going from f1.8 to f2.8 is a pretty big step backwards.  If I'm working indoors I don't want to lose over one full stop of light.  In my experience f2.8 is about a stop too slow for the lighting in most homes in order to achieve a usable shutter speed.  The 18-35 is supposed to be sharp wide open, most full frame zooms that stop at f2.8 are not really sharp at f2.8, they need to be stopped down a bit so now you lose 2 stops of light.

This relates to the old joke- "why did you buy a 24-35 f2?"  "because they don't make it in f1.4"

Depending on your circumstances and viewpoint, the 24-35 f2 might gain you some light, at the expense of zoom range.  It might be useful to the OP but it's still not a full replacement for the 18-35 f1.8.

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