With Canon's low sale prices, is Sony becoming too expensive?

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Canon EOS R is more expensive in my city than Sony A7III

MILC man wrote:

tqlla wrote:

This weekend, Canon put the EOS R on sale for $1500, with discounts as low as $1300.

Hah, in my country not any sign of any discount, the EOS R price is a hefty $2200 USD Sony A7III is $2100.

I know these dont have dual card slots or IBIS,

Lack of IBIS is a major one, unfortunately, the RF2870f2, none of the Sigma ART lenses, none of the RF prime lenses can enjoy the support of IBIS.

no lens selection either.

In a sense, you are totally right. Sigma, Tamron makes no RF lenses. On the other hand, modern Sigma lenses work excellently on the 1.6 firmware updated EOS R via the adapter.

but they do have a better touch screen,

Verbatim, yes, but in practice no. EOS R touch operability is not available on a number of screens, you have to remember where touch can be used, totally frustrating. On Sony, Sigma fp, Fujifilm X cameras, the situation is dead simple, touch operation is only for focus point handling.

better EVF than the A7iii,

The EVF on EOS R in video at slow shutter speeds is barely usable.

included an adapter that works like native,

Credit to Canon, the adapter is really great and included. But the ring adapter is not included and a hefty $200 extra. For that price you can buy a Sigma MC11 adapter, which works on the A7III at least as great as the Canon adapter on the EOS R.

and a flip screen.

I prefer back tilting screen. The best solution is what Panasonic made for the S1H or Fujifilm for X-T100, both tilts back or left protruding.

you don't need an adapter with sony, because there are more lenses for e-mount than any other milc format on the planet... e-mount has a future

Yes, you are right, with the MC21 and Metabones adapters you can use the modern EF-mount lenses from Sigma and Canon on A7III and later model, as if they were native FE lenses. This is not true for earlier Sony bodies and old EF lenses. My 1998 Canon 100400L works on the A7III as excellently as it works on EOS R, for example. Both the Sigma 70200f2.8 Sports and Canon 70200f2.8 worked brilliantly on both the A7III and EOS R.

On the other hand, Sigma and Tamron are churning out state of the art quality lenses with dedicated E/FE mount, and these work even better on Sony cameras especially as their focus motor is totally silent, and even more snappy in tracking video.

I am planning to buy again an EOS R, but I wouldn't buy a single RF lens, since with the adapter all moder EF lenses work excellently. When you have the brilliant Sigma 70200f2.8 from Sigma's Sports collection, you can use that same lens excellently on EOS R, A7III, A7RIV, A9, A9II, A6600, A6400, Sigma fp (and possibly Panasonic S1, S1R, S1H, Nikon Z6, Z7, but I had no chance to test them with my own hands).

a better adapter should have been done by now.

No, the Canon RF adapter is not better as Sigma MC11 and Metabones on Sony A7III, they are equal. The RF ring adapter is more expensive than MC11, and not included.

adapter for what, exactly? and why, when e-mount has such a vast lens lineup.

Yes, yes, yes. If you are not planning to use the same lenses on multiple systems, E/FE-mount lenses from Sony, Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron, Samyang/Rokinon, just to name the major makers are so abundant and excellent that you don't need adapters.

On the other hand, if you believe in RF, you can buy excellent lenses from Canon today. Canon RF lenses are expensive, just like Sony GM/Zeiss lenses; you don't have the option to buy for your EOS R brilliantly small and sharp lenses like the Tamron 1728f2.8 for half the price. So in the EOS R ecosystem and adapter is indispensable. In the Sony system it is optional.

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