What focal length for the most realistic pictures?

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I couldn't agree more Magnar (and fferreres)

Magnar W wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

It's an interesting discussion that goes back to the dawn of photography and also is essential if trying to get one's head around movements in painting.

Great, thanks a lot!

I find awareness of photography as a medium so much more enriching than discussions on gear and technique. I am aware that this is a gear site, but since we use out gear for making photographs, why not also discuss the medium we are using?

Some years ago now I was making similar mumbles on the old Sony pre FF mirrorless forum and out of nowhere I received an invite from Belgium to look at a small forum over in the Oly dpr world. The weekly discussions on that forum are now one of the joys of my photographic life. Equipment is almost never mentioned. It's all about consideration of how an image, or series of images, work. Discussion can go off at many tangents.

If you are interested, drop by.


Things have slowed right down in the festive season build up so this week's offerings are a bit thin on the ground.

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