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To be fair, I'd bet that the larger format Fuji has more detailed files than the high res mode on your Oly can do, even if they're the same mpx. I do think that it's true though that there are rapidly diminishing return in sharpness/detail as you go up in sensor size, at least beyond a certain point.

I feel like my m43 gear can really function like a film medium format camera and that's good enough for me. I don't even believe that everything that I do really even benefits from such great detail but with the images where I am really going for a super-detailed look, I feel like I can get it with my little format camera. I'm all for folks doing whatever pleases them with their photography, but for me the creative/conceptual aspect of it is far more rewarding to obsess over rather than the minutiae of image quality, which for digital photography has been really amazing already for some years at this point...

I shoot alot of dance school images. and ive had prints only starting to show leotard weave detail at 36in print. when a single hair follicle has to be removed from the floor in post from a full length portrait and a speck of dust thats what has convinced me that 20 meg is plenty to play with even cropping for print ratio.

No doubt... I was blown away by the kind of detail and smooth transitions I could get in B&W with my first m43 camera, a GH2 which had an earlier 16 mpx sensor that wasn't even quite as good as what would come later. My Pen F is even better with the 20 mpx sensor. Though I have to admit that it's really more than good enough for what I use it for, if there was a 30 mpx m43 camera avialable, I'd want one!

You're right for the vast majority of the shots and for all shots in a majority of displays.

There are shot/display combinations where you want to squeeze every pixel you can out of the file, there are displays where it doesn't matter, and there are shots where it doesn't matter regardless of the display.

Big prints of pictures with important fine detail are the obvious ones where every pixel counts.   The pixels are equally important for the same pictures on a computer screen, to me.   I like to zoom in on a cityscape to look at a piece of architecture, or a picture of a great piece of classic architecture to look at details, or a picture of a crowd to look at individuals or small groups.   There is never enough detail in those kinds of pictures for me when looking at them on a computer or on a large print.

Good printing software can eliminate pixelation and posterization, so in pictures where fine detail is not important, you can print as big as you want from a lower pixel file with no problem.   Examples would include the same cityscape taken into the sunrise on a foggy morning.  You could print a 10 MP file 4' X 5' with no degradation, because it's all about shapes and color and gradation of haze and clouds altering the spectacular colors of the sunrise and creative use of flare and glare.   There's no fine detail to zoom in on or walk up on.   People my age all look better in pictures with a little less detail, regardless of size.

Larger files do benefit smaller prints to some extent, for reasons people smarter than me have explained many times.   Again, that is going to affect some pictures more than others and have a really steep curve of its diminishing returns.

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