How do you shoot with your Fuji?

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Re: How do you shoot with your Fuji?

WhoisDoubleA wrote:

Eugleo wrote:

What I’m especially interested in is how do you handle your ISO.

I mostly shoot in shutter priority (street) or aperture priority (the rest), and so I leave the ISO on Auto800 all the time. However, lately I’ve been reading up on the subject and it seems that it’s not that simple: I thought that ISO is equivalent to sensor sensitivity, and that it’s a part of the “exposure triangle”, together with shutter speed and aperture. Alas, it is more complicated than that:

  1. In most cameras, ISO does indeed result in some amount of analog amplification of the sensor data — there, ISO is somehow similar to sensor sensitivity, in a way. You want to set your A and S and then set the ISO as high as possible without blowing the highlights.
  2. In Fuji X-series (and maybe others as well), the sensors are ISO-less; setting the ISO two stops above 200 is the same as shooting with the same A and S and then adjusting exposure to +2 in LR. (source, Fuji-X forums)

So, given 2, and provided you shoot raw, does it even make sense to adjust the ISO above 200 when you gain nothing and risk losing he highlights? Or do you still prefer to adjust your ISO manually (or even leave it on auto)? And why? What would you recommend to me?

That is essentially right. ISO is applied gain so the higher it is the more noise you get. But everything is a compromise. I don’t always get the 100% ideal exposure settings before taking into account the ISO, so I may need to stop down a little in good light or attempt to expose with a slower shutter than I want in lower light. Still, I would rather have high ISO noise than miss the shot.

For street, I usually set auto ISO 12800 with min shutter at either 125 or 250. If the auto ISO reaches its top range, it will lower your set minimum shutter to expose properly. I need to stop action so I make sure it doesn’t top out.

Thanks for the reply! What I gather from your and Erik Baumgartner's answers is this: ideally you'd just set the ISO to 200–400 (exclusive) or 800, based on the light. When you're shooting street you're afraid that you wouldn't manage to switch between those (basically two, 200/800) settings — so you're using auto ISO in order to have correct-ish exposure even in the heat of the moment.

Also, if I'm adjusting the ISO manually (i.e. it is 200–400 or 800), should I generally ETTL, i.e. "don't clip any highlights" has a bigger priority for me than "don't block any shadows"?

It is easy enough to monitor where the ISO is creeping up to and if things are looking predictable I will set ISO on manual. ISO 800 is the sweet spot on the Fuji. It produces less noise than at 400 so it is a good setting to aim for, light conditions notwithstanding. Btw, I usually shoot aperture priority and often go manual with SS when conditions are stable. If I set up in a location, I will go full manual exposure. If I am moving and light is less predictable, I go A priority, auto ISO.

Btw, will the camera mangle with the SS even if you set it on the physical dials? If not (and I expect/hope it does not), why don't you set the SS to 1/250 or something similar and let the auto ISO to correct the exposure? It is probable that it would end in the 200–400 or 800+ ranges, which are the preferable ones anyway.

There is something to be said about metering in this discussion as well, since it has to do with the way the camera perceives the light. I could stand to learn more about it but what has mostly been working for me depends on my approach. For walking around street photography, may go with matrix setting with exposure comp dial set at -1/3. That usually seems to not clip, or strategically clip. If situations are challenging, backlit or really high dynamic range, I will spot meter attached to the focus point, even if I am zone focusing. If that is the case, I may be more active with the exposure comp dial.

Matrix setting is the third one, the second biggest after "whole screen average"?

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