How do you shoot with your Fuji?

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Re: How do you shoot with your Fuji?

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

The newer X-Trans cameras (like the X-T2/3) use a dual-gain sensor which doesn’t have a linear read noise characteristic and can benefit from using a special ISO setting strategy to minimize noise. With an X-T2/3 you can shoot at ISO 800 with twice the shutter speed and less noise than at ISO 400. There is no good reason that I can see to ever shoot at ISO 640 for anything.

If it isn’t practical to be at base ISO for minimum noise/maximum dynamic range, I’m often at ISO800+ for low light and/or fast action. The sensor is essentially “isoless” at 800+ which allows you to shoot conservatively with the ISO in low light/high DR situations to preserve the highlight detail and correct the brightness later in post without any significant noise penalty relative to shooting at a higher ISO initially, but with the benefit of all the important highlight detail remaining intact. The ISO isn’t really a part of the “exposure triangle”, the SS and aperture expose the sensor and the ISO amplifies the brightness to make up for any shortfall. It doesn’t actually make the sensor more sensitive. Again, at ISO 800 and above there is no significant disadvantage to setting the ISO conservatively In-camera to preserve the highlights (especially in difficult to meter/high DR scenarios) and increasing the brightness in post as needed instead.

Thanks for the detailed answer! So, just to recap, I should shoot just below ISO 400 (exclusive) if light permits (according to the plot), and if it does not and I'm losing too many shadows, I should shoot at ISO 800+, with 800 being preferable so that I can do my adjustments in post.

I also read something about the DR modes — they push the shadows and midtones up a stop or two while keeping the highlights down, effectively expanding the highlight DR. The downside of course is that you have to shoot at ISO400+ or ISO800+ in order to be able to use them. So, given the noise profile of the camera, it is generally preferable not to use the 200%DR (ISO400) if I can help it, as I don't want to be shooting at ISO400, but OTOH use the 400%DR (ISO800) mode if I'd be shooting at ISO800+ anyway. Is that right?

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