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Re: Cheater...

Photoby wrote:

tasad wrote:

I've contacted Dpreview Admins and I got very quick response : all the 5 accounts are closed now ....

Then how did this happen, in just-completed Amazing Red Challenge ?

The accounts were closed on Dec.10th 2019 . The "voting phase" in the challenge started on Dec. 9th 2019 - so ,  he had one full day to "play" with the votes... And , for sure,  he has a few  more accounts...

8 votes of 5.0 *? .... (along with 5 of 3.0 * and one for everything else 1.0 * and above).

Is this the "club" that votes as bloc from a recent challenge?

The #2, #3, #4 entries also got multiple 5.0 * votes, which is unusual.

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