Any tips for X-T3 TTL Flash settings?

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Re: Any tips for X-T3 TTL Flash settings?

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Do you still need to underexpose by 1/3 on the X-T3?

Do you have any other advice or tips when using flash?

I didn’t mess with it too much today but I had the Godox V1 mounted on

X-T3. ISO was A, it still selected a very high ISO like 6400 when the flash was on.

I found that odd.

You do not use any of the auto modes while using a flash. You must use your camera in manual mode. So pick an ISO, an Aperture and a Shutter Speed to expose the background as you want and then put your flash in TTL. For inside shots try ISO 400, Aperture 5.6 and Shutter 1/60 and take a shot and then adjust if necessary.

If you want more ambient light in the photo lower your shutter speed or raise the ISO, if you want to lower the ambient light then raise your shutter speed or lower the ISO. If the flash is too dark or too bright - adjust the flash. Use Flash Exposure Compensation on your flash - not the camera.

I have not touched the camera much so very rusty.

It use to be film days, set aperture and shutter speed, take the shot and hope for

the best. Now it’s I gotta scroll through hundreds of options to find the what was it

called, Preview Exposure Mode so I can see in darker scenes and so on. LOL

Darn, I guess I have reverted to Auto Mode. Can’t remember much these days.

Love all these film simulations, too many to pick. When will Fuji allow you

to take one shot and convert them to all different film simulation modes. Takes the worry

out of I should have tried in this mode...

As others have suggested, there are lots of really good tutorials on YouTube. Good luck. Flash takes a lot of practice.

This is a classic method yet Auto Exposure with TTL flash can work quite well


Thanks Morris - I just have never gotten it to work consistently. The OP mentioned that the camera was selecting ISO 6400 all the time. This is the kind of stuff I get as well. It is just SO much easier to put the camera in manual mode and adjust the flash output to taste. You get repeatable results every time and no guessing as to what the camera is doing.

No question that manual will produce repeatable results.  Auto ISO is a very bad idea for flash.  Aperture Priority with TTL can also produce excellent predictable results.  Still, one can't should not ignore the display on the flash as a good one will tell you when you are too close or too far for the selected aperture and ISO.

I shoot as above or manual exposure with TTL flash.  I don't feel that manual flash is needed any more though there is no reason you can't use it if you like to work that way.


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