What focal length for the most realistic pictures?

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Re: What focal length for the most realistic pictures?

SonyOB wrote:

Not only do we have different opinions, we live in different worlds.

And no, you have not presented anything that would give any idea of what you might regard as 'realistic'.

Do not see images as realistic. Images are representations of something else.

Assume one sees the Eiff (just as an example) and take a photograph.

Is the photograph realistic if it is:

- a sharp and well focused color image?

- a sharp and well focused black and white image?

- an unfocused - taken with a wide angle lens?

- taken with a normal lens?

- taken with a telephoto lens?

- an abstraction, showing traces of the Eiffel Tower?

- an abstract image, where the Eiffel Tower is not recogniseable?

So in my mind there is no way to define what a realistic image is. The question can be discussed, but there seems to be no definitive answer...

I was referring to 'Socialist Realism' the praise of mediocricy and ugliness.
It was also meant to be taken as a joke.

Oh - interpreted the entire post as a joke, my bad... 

What do you regard as realistic?

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