What focal length for the most realistic pictures?

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Re: What focal length for the most realistic pictures?

SonyOB wrote:

Trollmannx wrote:

SonyOB wrote:

I made the original silly posting only to point out that to a question like this, all the answers will be opinions. Somebody's "realistic" is just plain ugly and cruel to someone else.

Discussions are about opinions. When we have facts only there is nothing to discuss...

Guess quite a lot judge a photograph a realistic when what was in front of the camera at the moment of exposure is recognizable and kind of looks like the real thing.

A photograph will always be an after image - the real moment is gone and the captured image is a trace from that moment. So realistic a realistic image might be an image corresponding to the memory of that moment - a tiny snip from past reality - and the lens capturing that part might be the focal lenght for the most realistic image.

Or - as they say - maybe not...

I strongly disagree.
Having facts most certainly does not kill discussion.
Your line of thinking presumes that there is just one set of facts that are valid in material reality. This just is not the case. The real world is an infinitely complicated place.
Multiple truths, even contradictory ones, can and do coexist. In quality discussions we acquire new facts and relate the old ones in new ways.

Yes - we can have a discussion based on facts. But discussions usually stems from different opinions, not the facts in themselves.

When I say that Batis 40mm is the most realistic lens, it is meant to be taken as a joke.


If I say that 40mm focal length corresponds to the way I see perspective, I am are onto something. If I continue that I have learned to see perspective through the 25mm Batis in a totally new way, I am bringing in an argument that seeing perspective is something that can be affected by learning.

Ok. But realistic is not only about perspective (literally), it is also about color or lack of color (we can even perceive black and white images as realistic), image content, presentation and context. When we see images as realistic it is an illusion, the image is not reality.

A cultural thing. Which should not surprise you if you knew that t the basics of perspectives were only characterized in the 1435 book for painters by Alberti.

That is an early printed text, there were some interesting ventures into perspective advancing this. Yupp, have been trough this one...

Happily knowledge about perception have advanced since then.

As to 'realism' or 'realistic' pictures, I am sure that Americans and Europeans would select different ones for each pile.

Obviously! I would say that Americans are not realistic at all (beeing an European).

Russians would possibly dig in their Soviet archives.

Am not so sure about this one, at least not when it comes to the younger generation (Russia is a neighbouring country, interesting neighbours actually).

Unless you say (or show an example) of what you consider as a 'realistic' picture, the discussion is of little value if any. (An opinion)

Did actually say so, see what is written in my previous post above...

In my case most (not all) discussions are of little value if absolute answers are what is expected. But then I find discussing technical stuff is a bit boring...

Seems like we have different opinions on this topic, we will probably never agree fully, and that is fine because that is exactly what stir curiosity and spur variety and new ideas!

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