If your camera was a car, what car would it be?

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Re: If your camera was a car, what car would it be?

TonyGN10 wrote:

For my sins, I have a background in marketing consultancy. A common technique for getting non-marketing people to think about their company/product/service as a brand and how it fits into their sector vis-a-vis their competitors, is to explore the question: “If your company/product was a car, what car would it be?”

This on the basis that most/many people can instantly and quite accurately differentiate, as brands, between say BMW, Toyota, Ferrari, VW, Ford, Bentley etc etc, even if they have never driven or owned these cars. They may even be able to give an extensive opinion on what they think, in terms of demographics, a typical BMW owner is compared to say a typical Ford owner.

I’m new to photography and not yet really that familiar with the different camera brands and how they fit into the camera "brand landscape". So out of sheer curiosity, my question for the DPR Open Talk community is: “If your camera was a car, what car would it be?”

Ford Pinto. jajaja

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