About screen calibration ... and IQ.

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Re: .. and combined with Catalina (mac)

I have a related problem - screens are calibrated for decades, while viewing environment is only as good as I can do it. But the upgrade to catalina made that a wasted effort:

My Adobe and sRGB icons in the filesystem are all rendered correct, but the pro-photo looks flat and colourless (as if assumed to be sRGB) . Resizing applies the correct colourprofile, but only until I revisit them after a shutdown (Examples here). When viewed full-size, the correct profile is applied no matter the viewing software.

And then: When saving a black+white image from SPP in sRGB, colormatch or mac-rgb the icons are black and white. Viewing it with e.g. Apples preview, it is still black and white, EXCEPT for pro-photo, which is rendered in black and blueish.

Never a problem on previous releases of osx/macos.

I assume noone here sees the same as noone has mentioned it?

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