Z6 Everyday Kit (or 14-30mm S or 20mm 1.8G? at wide and ?? at long)

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Re: Z6 Everyday Kit (or 14-30mm S or 20mm 1.8G? at wide and ?? at long)

I am very pleased with the results I get with my current Z mount S lenses, which are the 24-70 4, 14-30 4, the 50, and 85 1.8. You will get good to excellent results with good Nikon F mount lenses and FTZ adapter on the Z. You will get great to super great results with Z mount lenses on a Z camera. In summary; purchase Z mount lenses for your Z 6, if you want to fulfill the potential of Z system.

Rich Rosen

Rich, I have been looking at the 14-30 f4 and its been interesting reading. Older review/comments were not bad but not stellar either. The comments have gotten much better in the past, oh, 6 months. Maybe some early bad copies? I got the impression it was a mini version of the 16-35 (got it right this time!) which I actually like at 18mm+. I tried the 14-30 out at my local store and liked the build.

Sounds like you are happy with it.

Perhaps that is the way to go and then supplement with a couple of  Z mount primes along the way. In the meantime I still have a full stable of F mount 1.8's.

The long end is the harder part to keep small for a walk around bag. Again, that is not my emphasis on a day to day basis. Perhaps the 24-105 when more details come out.

Might just have to sell most of my Olympus gear but keep the E-M1.2 and a 12-100 PRO

Thanks for the editing!

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