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FujiS3ProGuy wrote:

Thank you for the insight.

I did not know that Nikon could keep their technology so well hidden from other companies.

I didn't mean to suggest that Nikon was keeping it's technology hidden, more than any other company. It's that the F mount is much more difficult to work with for CD and hybrid AF. It's why Nikon live view AF has never been up to scratch. I think Nikon has likely put a lot of effort into solving the problem. Their first effort, with the 1 system worked well enough but put lots of restrictions on the AF (like just using a single point). After a few years,their implementation for the Z removed those restrictions. That points to it not being easy. I doubt that independents have the same resources to put into it for conversion adapters, which are a bit of a minority product any way.

I wonder if Canon did give those informations away since there are a lot more adapters available even though canon should be the same.

Canon is not the same. The AF protocols for the EF mount work completely differently. The Canon system had electronically commanded autofocus from the start. Nikon started with a mechanically driven system, and the electronic control was put in essentially by making an electronic version of the mechanical system. It requires the camera to do a lot more than the Canon system. For an adaptor, that means that the adaptor has to do a lot more than others converting between similar AF systems. I would hazard a guess that the FTZ has a lot more processing resource inside it than the common-or-garden smart adapter. Also, the Canon system in more or less its present form has been around for forty years now. There has been a lot of time for people to work out how it operates. There are a lot more adapters because it's easier and there's a bigger market.

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