Z6 Everyday Kit (or 14-30mm S or 20mm 1.8G? at wide and ?? at long)

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Re: Z6 Everyday Kit (or 14-30mm S or 20mm 1.8G? at wide and ?? at long)

Mavots wrote:

Given the great prices to be had, I could not help myself from purchasing the Z6.

My current set up is a D750 with multiple primes and zooms as well as a "travel/everyday kit" with an Olympus E-M1.2 and various Olympus Pro and prime lenses. I generally shoot landscape, cityscapes, macro and long exposure (non-astro).

If I can figure out the right combination, I may not need the Oly kit any more. (Although those PRO lenses are very nice!)

My everyday walk around Olympus kit consists of the 7-14 2.8 PRO, 12-40 2.8 PRO, and the 75 1.8 prime. I don't really shoot longer than 75 (150 FF) very often.

To replicate this kit with my new Z6, I have the kit lens it came with, the 24-70 f4 S. This will be the middle/general photo zoom.

For wide angle, I'm thinking about the 12-30 f4 S. I already own a 16-30 f4 which seems like a large kissing cousin of the 12-30 S. I was thinking I may purchase the 20 f1.8G prime for my bag instead as it is a much better lens. (I will always have the 16-30 f4 when I need something wider for particular situations.) The 20 f1.8 is also $450 less expensive than the 12-30 S.

On the long end, I have a 70-200 f4, 104 f2.8 Micro and an 85 f1/8G. The 85 will certainly fit my kit as it is small but its not much longer than the 20-70. It is f1.8 however. The 104 is heavy and the 70-200 too big. I will have all of them available when needed. I may just leave the 85 1.8 in my everyday bag. I want to stay in about the same weight range as my Oly kit.

You have the strangest lenses.:-) I assume these are typos, or misnomers, and the 16-30 is the 16-35.When you mention the 12-30S, you meant the 14-30S, and I think you corrected yourself on the 104 2.8 renaming it the the 105 2.8 later on in the post.

In summary, replace:

Olympus E-M1.2: 7-14 f2.8 PRO, 12-40 f2.8 PRO, and 75 f1.8 with,

Nikon Z6: 20 f1.8G, 24-70 f4 S, and 85 f1.8G(?)

With Nikon 16-30 f4 & 70-200 f4 in reserve, as well as 35 f1.8, 50 f1.8 and 105 f2.8 primes. (And a 24mm PC-E for architecture)

What do you think of getting the 20 rather than the 12-40 since I already own the similar 16-30 FF? More importantly, what might work for a longer prime or zoom that is about the same size as the 24-70 f4 S? I hope to have three lenses of about the same size in this kit.

A little more confusion: When you mention the 12-40 being replaced by the 20 1.8, are you talking about the Olympus pro 2.8, or the 14-30 f4S?

I'm not a great fan of the 20 1.8, having used a borrowed lens on my D810. I am very pleased with the results I get with my current Z mount S lenses, which are the 24-70 4, 14-30 4, the 50, and 85 1.8. You will get good to excellent results with good Nikon F mount lenses and FTZ adapter on the Z. You will get great to super great results with  Z mount lenses on a Z camera. In summary; purchase Z mount lenses for your Z 6, if you want to fulfill the potential of Z system.

Rich Rosen

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