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Re: Nikon Colors

Colour reproduction is much better in all current digital interchangeable lens bodies than 7 years ago.

You have been able to fine tune colour reproduction in most Nikon bodies for at least 7 years - assuming you want a "specific" colour look.

On the Z6 and 7 you can adjust the monitor colour balance in the set up menu if you want to. This of course does not affect colour reproduction in the image.

You can set white balance to one of 9 setting in the photo shooting menu.

In the same menu you can choose from one of 6 "looks" (plus monochrome) such as standard, portrait or landscape.

Within each of these option you can increase or decrease saturation, contrast and clarity - each of which can affect colour reproduction - with saturation having the greatest effect.

So - several hundred options for how colours can be reproduced by a modern Nikon body- not just the single "colour" implied by the thread titleĀ 

Whether your post processing software recognises these settings or bins them is another topic.

Remotely on topic I have my Nikon Z7 monochrome settings (allocated to U1) set to red filter, maximum contrast - because I find these settings help determine potential strong composition elements in a scene. If I then shoot a colour image, if there is time, I use my U1 image "look" to decide what adjustments I might make to the colour image settings.

Back on topic, sRGB and Adobe RGB (Nikon menu options) reproduce some colours, particularly greens, differently.

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