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Quoting Tony: "The Fuji and the hasselblad have the same size sensor... I find it amusing that people call this medium format (about 33x44 mm)"

My job here is not to convince you otherwise.

By the words you've used, it's clear your idea of MF is set.

I'll just offer my rant, which nobody cares.

I've used the 44x33 and 49x36 sensors in CCD digital backs. To me, they're both digital medium format.

If I were to ask you, do you consider APS-C part of the 135 format family?

I believe it does, and 99% of photographers believe as well.

If you shoot APS-C, H, and FF, they're all within the 135 format, because lenses are shared in a common system, and the look of images, feature set, body size, ergonomics, etc, are all reasonably consistent accross the board.

So are we cool to say that APS is part of the 35 mm format?

In the same way, why wouldn't 44x33 be MF?

It's larger than 35mm, it shares lenses within the 645 format (in case of Hassy and P1 systems) and provide a look that compares very well with the larger MF sensors.

Despite old film definitions, you have a 44x33 camera.

Even if small by film MF standards, you've actually seen the sensor size.

It's massive.

Film equivalent or not, it's really massive and clearly bigger than 135 format.

IMO, all above are enough to classify it as DMF.

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

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